I have realized that life will throw you some strange and often random curveballs. This year, I had planned on getting into the recording studio to record my demo anddo my homework to eventually move to New York. Both of which did not happen. But through that, there was a silver lining. I was able to quit my day job at Universal Studios and have been doing pretty well for myself since leaving. I was hired at the Pirates Dinner Adventure and since then have learned a ton of new skills and have been cross trained into a couple of different roles. This year, I also got my first taste at promo conventions- which I have found great personal satisfaction in and hope to continue to book more convention work. This year, also brought on the discovery of a new talent- Aerial Arts (more specifically aerial silks). As this year comes to a close, I will be ending it the same as I did last year with taking on the role of the Monkey King at Holidays around the World located in the China Paviilion at Disney's Epcot. Come the new year, I am hoping to have gotten a job stilt walking and twisting balloons at Busch Gardens down in Tampa. In December, I plan on auditioning for roles both at Disney and the newly opened LegoLand. 


Wish me luck!!!!